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Translation of WordPress websites

WordPress is a flexible content management system (CMS), which is suitable for quickly creating and managing websites. Originally, the CMS was intended to be used mainly for blogs. Now, it is increasingly being used for websites as well.

With the help of a plug-in, multilingual content can also be managed clearly in WordPress. KERN offers comprehensive support when it comes to creating multilingual WordPress websites.


For companies looking to establish themselves successfully on the international market, multilingual websites are essential. When using WordPress as a CMS however, one must consider that this software has not been primarily designed for easily managing multilingual content. Therefore, an export plug-in must be used. It uses the REST API of WordPress, whereby the translation files can be transferred and processed.

Support from KERN AG Global Language Services:

To enter multilingual content, an export plug-in is necessary to begin with. In a second step, the customer can export the XLIFF files with the content to be translated and send them to us by email.

KERN allows you to transfer and process files in a standardized manner thanks to a direct interface integration. In this way, the translation processes involving WordPress websites can be controlled automatically so that multilingual content is transmitted to us automatically. As a result, a time-consuming manual import and export is no longer necessary. Thanks to our API interface, direct communication between your CMS and our portal4client™ customer portal is also possible, as the API is connected to it. This enables an automatic exchange of information.

Translation with an export plug-in

  • Using the plug-in allows multilingual content to be defined in WordPress and the XML files with the content to be translated can be exported.
  • Following the export, you can send us the XLIFF files by email
  • Following this step, we will handle the translation
  • In the final step, we will provide you with the XLIFF files which can be imported directly in WordPress
  • If required, the file transfer and
    processing can be automated owing to the integration of our API.

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