Case Studies

Interpreters explain car models in 27 languages

The new Audi is here. When new vehicles are being launched, the international car manufacturer familiarises all the Audi dealers from more than 30 countries with the latest innovations. Because if you want to be able to market the latest of generation of car, you need to know all the details and be able to explain them clearly.

For the international marketing implementation training, Audi relies on KERN’s interpreting services. In the run-up to its dealer training in Summer 2012, the car manufacturer tendered for an experienced translation and interpreting service through a private agency, which was once again awarded to KERN Global Language Services.



Preparation, Translation and Production of Training Materials

After private discussions, a tendering process and a convincing test project, the translation service from Frankfurt was chosen. As a full language service provider for projects which are complex with regards to content as well as their creative aspect, KERN is in an excellent position.

The assigned account and project team, made up of several linguists, translation engineers, desktop publishers and production team carried out the project with 100% satisfaction for Arrow according to the guidelines of the training and milestone plan. Four specialised translators as well as two terminologists from KERN Global Language Services were involved in order to be able to translate the language components and company-specific terminology for the initial translation alone.



Realization of Multilingualism with CMS Imperia

What was particularly special about the implementation of Schön Klinik’s English website was the automated and simplified process from issuing the source text, through to the translation, the release process and to the adjustment to the CMS. The hospitals of the clinic group were directly involved in the editing process and the company had a constant insight into the status quo throughout every stage of the project.

"Schön Klinik’s website is extremely multi-faceted with its five medical focal points and numerous subdivisions,” says Heinz U. Sondhauß, E-Business director of the Schön Klinik. “Without an automated, seamless workflow, the project would have barely been realizable and certainly not in such a short amount of time. We are very satisfied.”


Heraeus Noblelight GmbH’s multilingual website / CMS

As part of the progressive development of global markets, Heraeus Noblelight GmbH decided to expand their website further as part of a relaunch of the established multilingual standard. KERN Global Language Services has been a partner in foreign language communication for many years and is a specialist in the area of website localisation.

KERN was entrusted with the task of translating the company web pages of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH into six languages. Thanks to KERN’s comprehensive workflows with regard to website localisation and the close collaboration of both companies, the complex implementation of this project was carried out quickly. The web page went online on the planned date.