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Audi Case Study: Interpreters explain car models in 27 languages

For the international marketing implementation training, Audi relies on KERN’s interpreting services. In the run-up to its dealer training in Summer 2012, the car manufacturer tendered for an experienced translation and interpreting service through a private agency, which was once again awarded to KERN Global Language Services. With over 100 assignments, 30 simultaneous interpreters for 27 language combinations were needed for the international car event that took place in Autumn / Winter 2012 / 13 in the Audi training centre at Munich airport. 

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Creation, translation and production of training documents for Arrow Central Europe GmbH

As a full-service language services provider, KERN Global Language Services is well suited to deal with projects whose content and design elements are complex in nature. The fixed account and project team consisted of several linguists, translation engineering, desktop publishing (DTP) and production staff. They carried out the project to the total satisfaction of Arrow in accordance with the requirements of the training and milestone plan.

Four specialised translators and two terminologists from the KERN Global Language Services team were involved just to carry out the linguistic components and to transfer the company’s own terminology into the initial translation.

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Realization of Multilingualism with CMS Imperia

Nowadays, a multilingual online presence is a matter of course for international businesses, service providers and institutions. However, the cost of translation, administration and maintenance is often huge and requires considerable coordination. When, in 2009, Schön Klinik decided to have its website translated, it chose KERN. In March 2010, after only three months, the complex English website was ready to go live. The swift realization was made possible thanks to KERN and the application of the Content Management System Imperia.

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Website translation for Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

As part of the progressive development of global markets, Heraeus Noblelight GmbH decided to expand their website further as part of a relaunch of the established multilingual standard. KERN Global Language Services has been a partner in foreign language communication for many years and is a specialist in the area of website localisation. KERN was entrusted with the task of translating the company web pages of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH into six languages. Thanks to KERN’s comprehensive workflows with regard to website localisation and the close collaboration of both companies, the complex implementation of this project was carried out quickly. The web page went online on the planned date.

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