Welcome to KERN's translation office in Augsburg!

More than 2000 years old, Augsburg is one of the three oldest cities in Germany (alongside Trier and Kempten), and is the third largest city in Bavaria. The most captivating sights today are the Perlachturm, the Bishop's Residence, Augsburg Cathedral and the many museums that bring the Roman influence on the city to life. As well as nearly 300,000 current residents, Augsburg's population also encompasses a number of honorary citizens, such as Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the engine of the same name.

KERN Augsburg

Schaezlerstrasse 17
86150 Augsburg

Tel.: +49 (0)8 21 3 43 28-60
Fax: +49 (0)8 21 3 43 28-70


By public transport:

On foot from the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) takes about 15 minutes

Cross Viktoriastraße, keep to the left, then turn right onto Prinzregentenstraße. Continue along this road until you reach the Stadttheater (city theatre), crossing Prinzregentenplatz on the way. Cross Fuggerstraße and continue on downhill. Turn left onto Ludwigstraße. In just a few metres, you will find our branch on your right-hand side in a red building. Our office is on the first floor.

  • You can also reach us at KERN using the following Straßenbahn/tram lines:
  • If you're coming from the north: Line 64 towards P&R Friedberg West
  • If you're coming from the east: Line 64 towards P&R Augsburg Nord or Line 13 towards Haunstetten West
  • If you're coming from the south: Line 13 towards Lechhausen Neuer Ostfriedhof or Line 2 towards P&R Augsburg West
  • If you're coming from the west: Line 2 towards Haunstetten Nord

Get off at "Moritzplatz". From there, head across the Rathausplatz (city hall square) and go down Annastraße, which is pedestrianised. Keep to the right until you reach the junction between Annastraße and Ludwigstraße. Cross the street and keep to the left. Turn right onto Ludwigstraße. In just a few metres, you will see a red building on your right-hand side. You will find the KERN office on the first floor of this building. 

By car:

  • B2 coming from the north, continue along B17
  • A8 coming from the east, take the exit marked "Augsburg-West" and continue along B17
  • B17 coming from the south
  • A8 coming from the west, take the exit marked "Augsburg-West", continue along B17

Regardless of where you are coming from, please be sure to follow signs for Innenstadt/Hauptbahnhof (city centre/main railway station).

We recommend that you park in the multi-storey car park "Contipark International Parking GmbH" on Ludwigstraße. From there it is a very short walk to the KERN office. Head left out of the car park, and after only a few steps you will already be standing in front of a red building. We are located on the first floor. Another option for parking would be to use the car park at the railway station. You can also reach the KERN office on foot from there (see description above).

A note on the traffic situation in Augsburg:

There are currently a number of large building sites within the city centre which are part of long-term construction projects. The bus and tram routes provided in the directions above are only available during the construction works. The main railway station will soon be undergoing essential renovation work too. It is therefore possible that the routes into the city described above will be either fully or partially closed.