The KERN Group is ranked among the top 3 in Western Europe and the top 25 worldwide

The demand for multi-lingual services is constantly growing and with it, the competitive pressure on well-established companies is also increasing. Thanks to its consistently positive results, the KERN Group is considered once again one of the highest performing language service providers of 2016.

Frankfurt. The independent market research institute "Common Sense Advisory" ranked the KERN Group third among all private companies in Western Europe and in the top 25% of leading language service providers worldwide in its yearly industry report on translation and interpretation services. The Frankfurt-based language service provider has regularly been in the top rankings for a number of years and justifies this year's success as a result of further development to its comprehensive services as well as the consistent expansion of the international company network.

The twelfth annual report concentrates on numbers, developments and forecasts in the translation industry. The research company calculates a turnover of approximately $40 billion in the current year in the field of foreign language services and predicts that this number will increase to $45 billion by 2020. The researchers attribute this growth to the increasing demand for various language services and technologies, an increase in mobile trade as well as e-commerce, and a greater need for linguistic support for immigrants and refugees. The increasing use of SME multi-lingual content also contributes to the growing demand for multi-lingual services. At the same time, the vast customer base and the interdisciplinary relevance of language services for all business and operating models provide for stable growth, regardless of possible fluctuations in individual industries.

While many providers are only just beginning to react to the market and expand their range of services, the KERN Group is already an established full-service provider with various services in the fields of translation, interpretation, technical documentation, terminology management, and multi-lingual desktop publishing.

The high level of professionalism, many years of experience, and immense range of different products and services create the foundation upon which this specialist in the field of global language management repeatedly convinces independent institutions of its high-quality products and services.

About the KERN Group

The KERN Group, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a leading provider of language services in the field of global language training and international communication with over 50 branches in Germany, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, the US and China. The services offered by the KERN Group include translation and interpretation in all world languages, technical documentation, software and website localization, terminology and translation memory management, and desktop publishing, as well as language, business, communications and intercultural training. Since its founding in 1969, the full-service provider has looked after a continuously growing, international customer base from the industrial and economic sectors. What is more, government offices, internationally operating associations and law firms place their trust in the certified and professional language services provided by the KERN Group, which is still 100% family-owned.

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