State-of-the-art data transfer with the COTI standard

The development of the Common Translation Interface (COTI) enabled the creation of a manufacturer-independent, multi-system standard used for the exchange of translation data. As a full-service provider in global language management, advising and supporting clients with individual interface issues and the implementation and optimization of specific translation processes, KERN Global Language Services has been using this standard, which is compatible with many leading content management and translation memory systems, for years.

Frankfurt am Main. When people talk about “standardization”, they are inevitably confronted with the question of whether the client-specific requirements are being met. In the following section, let us therefore have a look at the COTI interface and explain why this standardization is beneficial, and how the individual requests and ideas of business partners are still being accounted for.

Depending on the client's industry, translation quantity, content management systems (CMS) used or preferred file types with translation data, translation processes can vary greatly. Even when both business partners use the same program, problem-free processing of the translation cannot be guaranteed due to the numerous software specifications. As a result, there is a strong demand for a flexible and efficient solution that facilitates the cross-system integration of data: the COTI interface.

On the first level, it defines a data package which can automatically transmit client-specific configurations such as formatting or processing instructions to the translation service provider using configuration files, in accordance with pre-defined rules. The settings from these files are implemented automatically so that sources of error are eliminated. If you go beyond this first standard, COTI level 2 can further optimize and automate the shared workflow between client and translation specialist by using a joint folder structure, the hotfolder. This enhances transparency on the status of project completion and improves process security. Here, you can also include further project-related information using accompanying meta data. As a result, the translation process is guided accordingly so that the workflow remains adaptable according to the target, making it flexible. If more security and computer-supported transparency is required, systems on level 3 can communicate with each other in a fully automatic manner and exchange information via defined end points without human interaction using a REST API.

The COTI interface can be used to implement different levels of standardization so that the best solution for each customer can be found while optimizing the workflow in the process. KERN Global Language Services is a certified translation service provider that  can draw upon extensive expertise and long-term experience in dealing with common TMS and CMS systems, particularly in the area of interfaces such as SCHEMA ST4, SDL Trados Studio, TIM 4.1, Cosima Go!, Across and many more. The specialists at KERN provide competent advice and comprehensively and sustainably support clients in their aspirations to internationalise their business.


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Based in Frankfurt am Main, KERN Global Language Services is a leading language service provider in the field of language management and international communication with more than 50 offices across Germany, Austria, France, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA and China. Its extensive range of services includes translation and interpreting in all world languages, software and website localisation of , technical documentation and terminology and translation memory management as well as multilingual desktop publishing. Since its foundation in 1969, KERN Global Language Services has been servicing a steadily growing number of customers from industry and commerce throughout the world. In addition, many government agencies, internationally active federations and law firms rely on the highly professional languages services from KERN Global Language Services. KERN Global Language Services is certified in accordance with the quality norms DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 as well as DIN ISO 17100: 2015 and is 100% family-owned.

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