KERN Group takes worldwide leading position in interpreting

The Kern Group, Language Services is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as a global leader in the field of interpreting by the research institute Nimdzi Insights.

This recognition underscores the Kern Group’s top position as a global language services provider in the international market and solidifies its position as the largest German language services provider according to Nimdzi Insights’ current ranking. The Kern Group is proud to highlight its excellent service and innovative approach in the area of interpreting. An outstanding example of this is the RSI VoiceApp™, a pioneering application for convenient interpreting. This innovative solution allows users to flexibly access a wide range of interpreting channels from around the world via smartphones, tablets or computers. With the RSI VoiceApp™, language barriers in international communication are overcome effortlessly. It is ideally suited for international conferences, congresses or meetings and offers seamless communication across all borders.

In addition, the KERN Group provides a wide range of first-class services in the field of interpreting, which are specifically tailored to different requirements. These include:

  • Consecutive interpreting: precise and fluent translation after speech
  • Simultaneous interpreting: real-time translation during the speech for seamless communication
  • Live captioning: written translation in real time for accessible communication
  • Video remote interpreting (VRI): virtual interpreting via video conferences
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI): real-time interpreting via remote connections
  • Telephone/video interpreting: flexible interpreting via telephone or video calls
  • Escort interpreting: personal support at international meetings and events

The KERN Group also adapts its services to the specific needs of its customers in order to meet the varied requirements of the latter. In addition to these services, the KERN Group offers ultra-modern interpreting equipment and conference technology in order to ensure that every event runs smoothly and professionally.

Michael Kern, CEO of the KERN Group emphasizes: “This recognition as a leading global language services provider is a confirmation of our hard work and our commitment to first-class communication solutions. We are proud to support our customers in overcoming language barriers and helping them to succeed in their global communication.”

The KERN Group would like to sincerely thank its customers and business partners for their continued support. Thanks to the honor received from Nimdzi Insights, the KERN Group feels encouraged in its efforts to further build on its position as an industry leader in the area of interpreting and help customers to communicate effectively in a globalized world.