KERN Global Language Services certified according to post-editing norm ISO 18587:2017 for machine translation

KERN Global Language Services successfully passed the audit and certification in accordance with ISO 18587:2017 in the area of machine translation and post-editing.

Frankfurt am Main. Machine translation is gaining ever more significance in the translation sector. With the vast array of machine translation systems now available, independent certifications are becoming all the more important as they allow customers to verify and compare quality, giving them peace of mind when placing an order involving machine translation because they can be certain that the service meets a standard based on verifiable criteria.

KERN has recently been certified in accordance with ISO 18587 as part of an audit by TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Association. This means that TÜV in Hesse is certifying that the Frankfurt-based full-service provider for foreign language communication delivers high-quality services in the area of machine translation and post-editing. The norm defines important factors, including the individual work steps, the tasks, competencies and qualifications of the post editor. The post-editors are responsible for optimizing the machine translated texts, for example by utilizing their expertise. Certification in accordance with ISO 18587 issued by TÜV in Hesse confirms that KERN is post-editing machine translated texts in compliance with clearly defined quality standards. The post-editing process is normally carried out via a translation memory system. Customer-specific terminology requirements can be integrated as usual.

For Dr. Thomas Kern, a member of the Management Board at KERN Global Language Services, giving customers peace of mind through independent quality certifications issued by official bodies, such as TÜV, is a particularly important matter: “Customers can rely on our verified and high-quality services. Particularly nowadays, with many translation technologies on the market, being transparent and delivering machine translations meeting a trusted quality standard is crucial.” 

About KERN Global Language Services

KERN Global Language Services, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a leading full-service provider in the field of global language management with over 60 branches in Germany, Austria, France, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA and China. The portfolio of KERN includes translation and interpreting in all world languages, software and website localization, technical writing and documentation, terminology and translation memory management, portal solutions, automation and process consultancy. Since its founding in 1969, KERN has handled a continuously growing international customer base from industrial and economic sectors. In addition to this, government agencies, internationally active associations and law firms place their trust in the professional language services provided by KERN. KERN is certified in accordance with the quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015 and is 100% family-owned.

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