KERN once again among the 50 largest language service providers worldwide

Nimdzi has once again listed KERN Global Language Services in the top 100 ranking of the world’s largest and highest-revenue language service providers.

KERN was once more able to place near the top of the ranking and to stand apart from other providers. In recent years, digital services have been further expanded and new work models have been developed in order to meet the constantly changing and increasingly complex needs of customers. Through targeted further development and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, KERN was able to further strengthen its position. The enhanced deployment of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated translation processes has led to an increase in efficiency and quality improvement. In addition, services such as SEO and website translations were further expanded in order to support companies with globalization and to help them reach new target audiences.

“We are proud to be among the 50 best language service providers worldwide. In future, we will continue to work towards supporting our customers across the globe with high-quality language services, modern technologies and innovative solutions”, says Michael Kern, member of the Management Board at KERN Global Language Services.

In 2022, the global language industry experienced only moderate growth when compared to the exceptional growth of the previous year. The Nimdzi TOP 100 surveys revealed that many companies experienced slow growth during the first half of the year, followed a by strong second half of the year. The companies in the top 50 positions, which includes KERN Global Language Services, recorded the strongest growth.