linda4client™: The Digital Revolution in Interpreting

In today's world, quality alone is no longer a unique selling point. On the international stage, providing flexibility and taking customer needs into account is as important as furnishing professional services. As a specialist in multilingual communication, KERN Global Language Services has examined the existing limitations in the field of interpreting and developed a more than satisfactory solution with its latest product.

Frankfurt. Due to increasing internationalization, the challenge presented by existing language barriers is more relevant than ever. Companies with a global presence have two options to professionally overcome language barriers: using qualified staff with sufficient foreign language skills or using interpreters. To overcome insufficient language skills, the use of language mediators is the easiest and most sensible way to appropriately present a company during multilingual negotiations. However, anyone planning international meetings with existing or potential business partners will recognize the great effort associated with organizing interpreters.

As a leading international full-service provider in the foreign language communication sector, KERN Global Language Services is always looking for new ways to provide its customers with customized, highly flexible service. linda4client™ was inspired by the many possibilities that modern media equipment provides and is an innovative alternative to traditional interpreting that is implemented on site:

linda4client™ stands for "Live Interpreting: Your Native Digital Assistant" and combines the usual professionalism of KERN interpreters with a high degree of flexibility and instant availability, as well as considerably reducing costs and preparation time. Interpreters are no longer required on site, but rather connected live via video feed, and can therefore take part in discussions from any location. KERN's latest product most notably shows its advantages when used for multiple short applications – the option of switching between several interpreters gives rise to significant savings potential and a level of flexibility when using them that has never been seen before. In addition, waiting times can be avoided because both fixed, scheduled agreements and spontaneous consultations are made possible using the app.

The unique opportunity to spontaneously draw on skilled interpreters in almost any situation using existing technical capabilities provides business partners with a variety of new and improved uses for professional language mediators. KERN is pleased to be able to support customers as a strong partner in global language management with this and many other innovative services.

About KERN

Based in Frankfurt am Main, KERN is a leading language services provider in the field of global communication with more than 50 branches in Germany, Austria, France, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, and China. The services provided by the KERN Group include translation and interpreting in all world languages, software and website localization, technical documentation, terminology and translation memory management, desktop publishing, and language training. Since its founding in 1969, KERN has looked after a continuously growing, international customer base from the industrial and economic sectors. In addition to this, government agencies, internationally active associations, and law firms place their trust in the professional language services provided by KERN. KERN is certified in accordance with the international quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 17100:21015 and is 100% family-owned.

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