KERN Global Language Services is now offering a new interpreting solution: the RSI VoiceApp™

Discover the flexible and location-independent possibilities of the new RSI VoiceApp™ for smooth communication in a globalised world.

KERN Global Language Services presents its newest innovation: the RSI VoiceApp™. This app enables private and corporate customers to access professional interpreting channels without having to compromise on audio and sound quality. The use of a virtual interpreting console ensures smooth communication at events with interpreters worldwide. Whether for virtual, hybrid or live events, the RSI VoiceApp™ can be utilised wherever a flexible deployment of professional interpreters is required. Possible areas of application include conferences, presentations, webinars or workshops, whether in-person, online or hybrid.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the RSI VoiceApp™. This app demonstrates our commitment to the application of modern technologies within the scope of interpreting and promotes communication generally in a globalised world”, says Dr Thomas Kern, member of the Management Board at KERN Global Language Services. “The RSI VoiceApp™ enables us to elevate our services to a new level and to offer our customers a simple and user-friendly solution.”

The app can be used on smartphones, tablets and in web browsers. The cumbersome deployment of additional technology, such as receivers and senders, is no longer necessary.

The RSI VoiceApp™ is available to everyone on iOS and Android smartphones via the app stores and enables access to different interpreting channels. The app can also be integrated into video conference platforms by means of a web app so that access via ZOOM, Webex or MS Teams is possible. In addition, KERN Global Language Services also offers a live subtitling service that can be integrated upon request. In order to use the app, only an event code and a secure PIN code must be entered in order to reach the desired event. Here, the desired language can be selected and the translation is then received via smartphone and headphones live from our interpreters for the relevant event.

KERN offers a secure and EU-based video conference platform with an integrated remote simultaneous interpretation solution (RSI) for every event with up to 75 active participants. With the RSI VoiceApp™ and support from KERN Global Language Services, customers can have their events translated live by experienced interpreters, regardless of location.

The RSI VoiceApp™ is now available on the App Store and Google Play for free.

More information on the RSI VoiceApp™ can be found here.