KERN AG, Language Services Opens its First Austrian Branch in Vienna

Frankfurt am Main, 29th May 2012 +++ With the opening of the first branch in the capital of the alpine country, in Vienna, Opernring 9, the internationally represented language service provider is reaching yet another milestone in its course of expansion.

The first Austrian branch of KERN AG, Language Services in Vienna

The opening of the Vienna branch was, if nothing else, merely a question of time due to numerous existing, local customers from industry and economy.

Diverse factors make the industrial centre of Vienna an attractive new location for the traditional company from Germany. As one of Europe’s most flourishing economical metropolises, Vienna is also a meaningful distribution and production location, acting as a door to Eastern Europe for nationally, as well as internationally, established businesses. Its prominence as the musical and cultural centre of Europe explains the high importance of the tourist and training industry and the high demand for foreign language services that come hand in hand with it.

With its diversified spectrum of services from translating to interpreting in all world languages, as well as from terminology management in the localisation of websites and software to language training for qualified employees and executives, KERN AG is satisfying the steadily growing demand for foreign language services in different sectors. “Our new office in Vienna is accompanied on our steady expansion course by a synergy effect, which will have a reinforcing effect on our existing business contacts and will facilitate new customer relationships. The shortening of the distance between us and our customers will allow us yet more personal communication", states Dr. Thomas Kern, board member of KERN AG, on the opening of the branch.


The Viennese branch of KERN AG can now be reached by phone at +43 (0) 1 5 81 28 34-0 or by e-mail at
KERN AG, Global Language Services
Opernring 9
1010 Vienna
Tel. (01) 5 81 28 34-0
Fax (01) 5 81 28 34-20