KERN AG once again a Google Partner

KERN AG was once again chosen as a Google Partner. This distinction recognises the engagement and competence of KERN AG in the area of multilingual search engine optimisation and SEO translations.

As an international language service provider, KERN AG has once again qualified as a Google Partner through its expertise in the application of technologies and methods in search engine optimisation and the creation of multilingual websites.

Companies who want to sell products and services in foreign markets don't just need a multilingual website. Rather, search engines must be able to find the product or company description in all languages. In addition, it’s important to show up at the top of Google searches in order to stand out against competitors.

Through its experience and expertise in website translation and localisation, KERN AG has established itself as a leading service provider in the area of multilingual search engine optimisation. By adapting keywords, metadata and headings linguistically to the expectations of the target audience, KERN AG enables its customers to increase the visibility and reach of their websites in search engine results.

The expert team at KERN AG implements innovative solutions and concepts for websites or online campaigns, and in doing so draws on its extensive background knowledge of the respective target markets and the culturally determined search behaviour of the target audience. This results in a higher position on the list of results of search engines, which corresponds to increased website traffic.

“We are proud to once again have been chosen as a Google Partner”, says Dr Thomas Kern, CIO of KERN AG Global Language Services. “This distinction confirms our competence in the area of multilingual SEO translations and our commitment to offering our customers the best possible service. We look forward to continuing to develop and offer customised solutions in the area of multilingual search engine optimisation.”

Through continuous training, KERN AG ensures that knowledge and skills in the area of SEO translations are always based on current developments and that specialised knowledge of Google Ads is up to date. KERN AG is thus able to offer its customers greater global visibility and efficacy for their websites in various languages.

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