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Machine translation (MT) is taking on an increasingly prominent position in the language services industry. MT solutions are now so advanced that...

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  • ​​​​​​Machine Translation: Specialist, customer-specific MT engines for exact translations
  • Online Interpretation for virtual conferences: Flexible...
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In the context of a large translation project with the Kitzbühel Alps, the KERN Group was commissioned to translate their website, which promotes a...

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The current situation is presenting many companies with great challenges and it is not yet clear how the situation will develop.

Even in these...

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We’re still here for you, even in these difficult times!

For the KERN Group, satisfying and keeping close to our customers is our top priority. This...

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E-Commerce – Anforderungen an Übersetzungen von Onlineshops

The sale of goods on the internet has advanced rapidly since 2010. Industry dependent growth rates of up to 60 percent show a clear tendency to move...

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