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Welcome to KERN – Your Partner for all Languages

KERN provides a broad spectrum of language solutions to meet today’s international communication needs. Whether your audience is at home or abroad, let us show you what we can offer you – creation of technical documentation for various foreign markets, graphic design and editorial work for your marketing materials, localisation of software packages and your website, subject-specific language training for your sales and marketing organisation, and even interpreting services for sales meetings, all from a single source.


Ever since KERN AG was founded, customer service has been at the heart of our philosophy at all of our locations worldwide. Together with our outstanding customer care, our versatility and constant striving for excellence enable us to deliver your projects dependably, on time and to the highest standards of professionalism. We are always ready to assist our customers at our more than 50 locations in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Wednesday 24. July 2013 Quality Translations for Transport and Logistics

Übersetzungen für Logistik und Transport

Whether it be automotive or food logistics, spare parts service or branch logistics, the complex challenges that logistical processes entail on an international level can often only be fulfilled through effective communication in...[more]

Monday 22. July 2013 portal4client™: Effectively organizing translation processes

Managing specialized translations for global corporations is a complex process, and diverse players play a part. It calls for an integrated solution across the entire translation-management chain which centralizes organization...[more]

Friday 05. April 2013 Preparing multilingual content for the Internet

Suchmaschinenkonforme Übersetzungen und Optimierungen

If you plan to sell products and services in foreign markets, a multilingual website alone is not enough.[more]

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