Terminology Databases

Terminology work entails a higher initial outlay, but less outlay in the long run - and this applies in terms of both time and money spent.

We work closely with our customers to develop databases, glossaries, equivalency tables, and terminology lists that help us put our customers' know-how to good use. A company-specific dictionary or glossary is an essential, versatile resource that:

  • Standardizes the company's language use in areas from research to marketing

  • Increases the consistency of documents and translations
  • Brings external translators fully up to speed so that they can work within the company's guidelines
  • Helps shorten the learning curve for new employees

We use software tools to analyze existing customer documentation, extract specific terms, and develop equivalency tables.

This enables us to create a company-specific dictionary that meets the needs of individual users and larger teams while also working with the company's own software. These tables are then updated as more translations are completed. We use our data processing programs to prepare these tables in several languages and agree upon them with the customer

Our database service includes:

  • Software-supported terminology extraction
  • Development of customer-specific terminology databases
  • Updating and maintaining terminology databases

Our customers can also draw upon our existing resources for improved translation quality and consistency even before their own customized databases are developed.

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