We are committed to quality

KERN Group Frankfurt ensures high-quality translation services throughout the entire translation process by adhering to clearly defined processes. The quality management requirements are defined in ISO 17100 and DIN EN ISO 9001. KERN Group is certified in accordance with these international standards and meets the individual requirements for all individual translation processes. 

  • Quality and project management
  • Contractual framework conditions
  • Human and technical resources
  • Working processes
  • Additional services

Quality and project management

An active and intensive exchange of information takes place between KERN and its customers. This dialogue begins before the translation itself:

Quality assurance

KERN adheres to a dual control quality assurance process, meaning that a native speaker translator renders your text in the target language and a second native speaker performs a final check of the text.

In addition, KERN evaluates every translation project together with its customers. At this stage, client feedback is particularly important and helpful. This is the only way we can continue to improve our processes.


Upon request, further native speaker translators can proofread the translated text in terms of its content, grammar, and orthography.

Formal checks

Upon request, we also check the files in both languages for potential formal mistakes and correct them where necessary with the help of specific quality assurance tools. KERN's tools comprise, for example, a tag verifier, spell checker, terminology verifier, and a check for missing text. Similarly, date, time and number formats can be checked.

Other quality assurance tools

Other quality assurance tools that KERN uses (e.g. ErrorSpy) enable additional terminology and consistency checks. This assures that the KERN translators render the specified, customer-specific terms in the terminology database correctly and also translate identical segments consistently. Using self-defined criteria, the translation is evaluated and a list of potential mistakes drawn up. We then send this list to the translator for review and correction.


KERN's high quality standards are expressed through its membership in the following industry associations:

  • The Association for Technical Communication – tekom e.V.
  • The American Translators Association – ATA
  • The German Terminology Association (Deutscher Terminologie-Tag e.V. – DTT)