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In the age of Google Translate, machine translations are well-known. But what does a machine translation really entail and which advantages does it offer? The following offers a short overview of the subject and explain the advantages of machine translation and if/when it might be appropriate for you to use.

Fully-automated translation is already practised today in most varied of fields, such as in social networking, providing support texts online or when increasing the speed of company-internal communication. Short texts such as e-mails need to be answered quickly and this is an area in which machine translation can be a sufficient solution. In such use case scenarios, the main issue that counts in the translation is a brief understanding, i.e. gist translation, and the grammatical and orthographical correctness of such messages is usually less important.

Catalogues, product descriptions and instructions are generally intended for the end consumer. This being so, they must be able to explain the function of the product in a manner that is precise in terms of both the content and the linguistics; on top of that, they must be able to meet the expectations of critical experts in the field. For these reasons, the translation of such texts must be high quality in nature; the translations must be correct in terms of content and linguistics. This can be ensured via the use of machine translation and intensive post editing, i.e. maschine translation post editing (MTPE).

MT4client™: The MT solutions of KERN Global Language Services

MT4client™ is the machine translation solution by KERN Global Language Services. It is based on the newest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid technology (rule-based, statistical and neuronal). The machine translation (MT) system is adapted specially to the individual needs of our customers. This means that better results can be achieved than are possible with the online, freely accessible translation tools.

As the system is based on AI, it can learn various rules so that individual requirements can be taken into account and implemented. We train the MT system at regular intervals by continuously using the results of corrected translations in order to improve our MT solution. When doing so, the software is trained in different types of text and specialist areas. What’s more, MT4client™, offers the option of integrating terminology databases.

When using MT4client™, we can guarantee that your data will be handled in an absolutely secure and confidential manner, since it is not made available to third parties at any time.

With MT4client™, we offer our customers a solution that belongs to the latest generation of artificial intelligence (AI) based MT systems and can offer a sufficiently good translation quality results.

We also provide an interface to our portal solution portal4client™, which guarantees that our MT server system delivers a productive, cost-efficient and above all, seamless translation management solution.

MT4client™ bietet Ihnen:

Machine Learning

By training different rules, individual requirements can be considered and implemented.




Secure handling of your data, which is at no time accessible to third parties.





Latest generation of MT systems, that delivers high quality translations. Quality assurance through postediting of machine translated texts.


Connection to our portal solution portal4client™, which guarantees (cost) efficient translation management.


Use case for a machine translation?

In the field of fully-automated translation processes and solutions, we offer an artificial intelligence technology solution for a useful machine-based (MT) gist translation solution. Compared to human translator operated translation memory systems MT systems are in no way as easily employable as translation memory systems. This is due to the fact that TM systems have to take significantly less linguistic characteristics into account than MT systems when processing the material to be translated. The translation memory system merely saves and recalls that which a professional translator enters. But to produce a high-quality translation, the MT system must recognise all the relevant lexical, phonological, morphological, semantic, syntactic and pragmatic rules of the original language automatically and then transfer them into the rules of the target language. This is only partially possible with the machine translation services that are available on the internet. As machine translations often generate results of varying quality, these translations require intensive post editing in order to produce a high quality translation.

Which challenges need to be overcome?

Although technology has moved on in the field of professional machine translations, the quality tends to be quite low, especially if the MT system does not know specialist terms and the syntax does not correspond to that of the target language. To reach the level of quality desired, the MT system should ideally be trained with previous translations and existing specialist terminology. The machine-translated text product cannot hold up to a human translation in terms of creativity and quality. These elements are introduced into the translation during post editing. Which revisions take place during the post editing depends on where the translation is intended to be used. Machine translation and post-editing mean that time and costs can be saved compared with the classic translation process. However, for this to happen, the MT system used must produce a high-quality translation result. What’s more, the quality of the original material plays a big part. The better formulated the language is in the original material, the better results the machine translation system can produce.

Tailor-made support and advice

We recommend the use of a customer-specific professional MT system in order to guarantee the required language quality. We are critical of the freely accessible MT services on the internet, due to the fact that they offer no service guarantee, correctness, confidentiality and/or data security. On top of that, professional MT solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing translation processes via interfaces to translation memory systems. This offers our customers the advantages of both TM and MT systems and can be combined to complement one another. Both an intensive preparation and a thorough needs assessment are essential to allow MT to be integrated into company-specific translation processes. As a language service provider that is independent of any software or system manufacturers, KERN Global Language Services can offer an insight into whether machine translation would be a suitable addition to your individual translation management processes and requirements.

Which solution does KERN Global Language Services offer?

With MT4client™, KERN Global Language Services offers an MT system that is based on the latest developments in artificial intelligence and that is adapted to the needs of the customer. We can train a customer dedicated system with the necessary rules and integrate your company-specific terminology. What’s more, the security of your data is our top priority. To ensure you get a high-quality result, our post editors carry out the revision of the machine translated texts. We would be pleased to comprehensively advise you as to whether you require full post editing or light post editing.

Supported languages

Machine translations can be carried out to and from the following languages:

Arabic Dutch Hungarian Polish Slovenian
Bulgarian English Indonesian Portuguese Spanish
Chinese Finnish Italian Romanian Swedish
Croatian French Japanese Russian Turkish
Czech German Korean Serbian Ukrainian
Danish Hindi Norwegian Slovakian  

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