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You have subject-specific texts and you want them translated by a selected specialist translator? Then at KERN AG you are at the right place! The KERN team in supplier management search and choose, in coordination with the KERN customer advisor, the right specialist translator according to your project needs. As well as permanently appointed employees, our team includes carefully selected and contractually bound translators, language professionals, editors and terminologists. In this way, we can offer you a distinguished resource of language and knowledge so that a variety of language combinations and subject areas can be covered.

Once the branch and subject area has been agreed, tailored translation resources and the consequent assignment of the translator and editor can be arranged, so that both a stylistic and terminological consistency can be achieved. KERN translators also have access to relevant terminology databases, subject specific dictionaries and glossaries. It is thereby guaranteed that the content in the out-going document is correctly conveyed to its target audience. From the compiled resources, your customer advisor can then choose the appropriate translator and editor according to the language combination and subject area.

KERN translators

KERN specialist translators translate foreign language texts which are within their respective subject area, exclusively into their mother tongue. Only native speaking translators can express, in the translation related to their specialist field, all facets of the original text with the necessary linguistic sensitivity required. Similarly, the translations will only be edited and proofread by native speakers.

Linguistic and subject suitability

All of KERN’s specialist translators have completed academic training and possess additional qualifications in a linguistic field. As a rule, they command multiple foreign languages so that a higher combination of vocabulary from different languages is available.

As well as an established language education, KERN specialist translators are equipped with a specialism in a particular subject area. In these areas of expertise, for example in chemistry, medicine, computer science, automation, finance, engineering and law, KERN translators have gained in-depth knowledge from appropriate practical or academic training, or from many years of their professional career or from attending specialist subject events.

Experience and further training

Accurately detailed translation demands the highest linguist attention from the translator. Due to rapid advancements in technology, science and economy, new terms and expansions in different fields of terminology arise almost daily. KERN translators have not only the relevant expertise, but also the willingness to intensively research. They benefit also from a continual exchange of experiences among each other.

With regard to the correct application of Translation-Memory-Systems and handling complex file formats, a team of experienced translation engineers is on hand at all times.

Appointment of translators

At KERN AG, potential new translators must fulfil strict application criteria in order to be taken on into the translation team.

After giving all information about their qualifications, experiences and references, the potential translator is obliged to give contact details from reference customers, which is requested by the supplier management team. The translator and his work is assessed by means of a short questionnaire. If these first criteria are fulfilled, the translators are asked to complete a test translation. After evaluation of the test translation, it will be decided whether the translator will be accepted into the pool of translators. Only then will he or she be considered for future assignments.

The translators are continually assessed by the project work. Comments concerning the subject quality, reliability, availability, flexibility and technical skills will be stored by KERN project managers and will be accordingly checked by the supplier management. These comments ensure a constant up-to-date overview of the skills of the translator. This guarantees that KERN AG can continually provide the most suitable translator for your project.

Alongside their linguistic and translation skills, as well as their subject suitability, for example their knowledge of certain subject areas, their skills also include:

  • Experience and advanced training
  • General technical knowledge and capabilities
  • Willingness to research, access to subject information
  • Discussion and enquiring about uncertainties
  • Availability
  • Punctuality, ability to work under pressure, flexibility and ability to work quickly
  • Residence or place of work
  • Working together as a partnership

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