Lingoscore™ - the flexible language test for modern businesses

A professional language test is the only way to identify the foreign language skills of a business' workforce. For commonly-spoken languages, language schools generally only offer standard tests with multiple-choice type questions. These types of tests are not sufficient to ascertain detailed results, for example for employees from different departments or different ethnic backgrounds. For training and personnel development, however, this data is important if you want to create a targeted training course for your workforce.

The foundation for effective advanced training

With this in mind, KERN AG IKL developed a new product: lingoscore™– the flexible language test for modern businesses. Lingoscore is an online-based, highly variable program for language testing, that on one hand strictly follows the 'Common European Framework of Reference for Languages' - (and therefore delivers internationally recognized qualifications), but can also be adapted to each client's individual needs. In coordination with KERN AG IKL's administrators, each client can choose from a multitude of different modules, to create the ideal test program for their candidates.

Limitless variation possibilities

With lingoscore™ , ability in all languages, even the more uncommon ones, can be tested. Even the user interface can be adapted to the desired source language, so that all candidates can read the test instructions in their native language.

As our client, you have the opportunity to either actively participate in the putting together of the test, or to leave it to one of KERN's capable employees. Our tests are made up of a constantly growing and ever more varied number of modules. These modules can be made up of multiple-choice questions, writing exercises, or audio files to test candidates' listening comprehension. The modules can, if required, be oriented to suit each individual candidate's field of activity, and tests can of course be tailor-made, in terms of number of modules and their emphasis.

In this way, the client has the opportunity to run tests according to their needs, that have time limits and can only opened by correctly identified candidates. Furthermore, lingoscore offers a clearly arranged user interface, that in particular facilitates the easy management of incoming test scores.

All of these features make lingoscore™ a highly efficient tool for a business' personnel development team. It can be the first step to successful advanced training in foreign languages, and is an ideal complement to the wide range of language courses offered by KERN AG IKL.

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