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To enable simplified order placement and handling, KERN AG has developed a portal solution for the process management of translation services, called clicktranslate™. Translation projects can, thanks to this development, be created much more quickly by the client, and can be implemented and processed at short notice by KERN AG. Our objective was to create an easy-to-use, web-based user interface, which also gave our clients significant savings in time and money. In addition to the standard version of clicktranslate™, a protected access version can be configured for regular customers.


clicktranslate™ lets you place translation orders with great ease.

After the completion of the Beta Phase a whole range of improvements were implemented. An essential improvement is the OCI-Interface, for exchanging catalogue data records between our clients' in-house ordering system or SAP-eProcurement systems and clicktranslate™. You now have the possibility to access clicktranslate™ from your own business' software, and place an order for a translation.

When an order is placed online, the ordered translation is transferred directly into an order item of the SAP-EBP. From there, you can continue your ordering process as usual. This means that some stages of the procedure, such as the manual input of the order data and the creation of a separate order form, are no longer necessary. Moreover, a catalogue of our translation services is accessible to all your employees.

The new functions also include an automatic, real-time count of the words, lines and characters (including spaces) of the document that has been uploaded to be translated, and a login area for regular customers. You can access the new version at: .

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