Preparing multilingual content for the Internet

If you plan to sell products and services in foreign markets, a multilingual website alone is not enough.

It is far more important that search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu or other regional providers, find the product or company description quickly in all languages.


In order to make their clients’ information available in the languages of their target markets as well, KERN Global Language Services provides SEO translations of online texts upon request. A team consisting of specialized translators and online marketing experts is specialized in developing multilingual solutions and concepts for new websites or individual online campaigns. To accomplish this, the team uses the comprehensive background knowledge of KERN Global Language Services regarding the respective target markets and the culturally-determined search behavior of the target group. This is the only way for a website to gain a better position in the search engines’ results lists and thus attract a larger number of visitors.


The search-engine-optimized multilingual concepts utilized by KERN Global Language Services are oriented towards the key factors according to which search engines search through contents, and use these factors for the translation process (SEO translation). Keyword density and text structure play an important role, for example. The keywords for every language must be chosen carefully and be in line with the marketing concept.


In a first step, the SEO specialists from KERN Global Language Services define meaningful keywords together with the client. When selecting keywords, they never lose sight of the website’s target group: what terms does someone who is interested in the client’s products and services search for on Google & Co?


Using keywords correctly


KERN translators use the keywords defined in this manner in relevant text sections, for example in the heading.


In longer texts, the translators use the key term at least once in every section. At the same time, the SEO specialists at KERN Global Language Services take into account that the text must be as varied and simple as possible for the sake of readability and coherent communication of the contents.


In agreement with the SEO experts, KERN translators avoid long-winded and unnatural phrases even if keywords would feature more often in such translations. Moreover, they employ synonyms, variants and paraphrasing for the chosen keyword and they make sure to use generally known terms as well as specialist terminology.


Because search engines rate completely identical texts as “duplicate content”, the SEO professionals at KERN Global Language Services advise website operators to publish original texts in each language if possible.


Introducing variety to texts


Particularly in the case of longer texts, the purposeful use of synonyms instead of the keyword provides both the reader and the search engine with the variety they need. Furthermore, by doing this, the SEO translators are ultimately successful in directing thematically-related search queries to the client’s website.


An SEO-optimized multilingual website thus offers visitors results that are as fitting, authentic and unique as possible, placing the client at the top of search engine rankings.