Kitzbühel Alps rely on KERN Group for the translation of their website

In the context of a large translation project with the Kitzbühel Alps, the KERN Group was commissioned to translate their website, which promotes a total of four regions, from German into Dutch.

The translation project started in February 2020. The high volume of words to be translated, about 600,000 words, meant that effective time management and the use of supporting technologies was required from the very beginning. In order to ensure a consistent linguistic style with this large-scale project, a translation memory system was used which grants access to already translated text segments at any time. Furthermore, specific terminology was defined and repeatedly used during this project. As a result, a linguistically consistent translation could be produced in a short period of time. Particularly with large translation projects, the use of translation memories is a significant advantage.

For the implementation of the project, KERN deployed a team of translators that has industry knowledge in the areas of tourism, the alpine region and winter sports and is experienced in website translation. This was particularly important here in order to guarantee the marketing-specific wording of the translated texts to ultimately appeal to the right target group, i.e. website visitors interested in tourism.

Apart from the industry knowledge, it is essential to closely coordinate with the various contact persons to transmit the high volume of translated files to the client accurately and in a structured and manner. The translation engineering department of the KERN Group converted the files to be translated, so far about 800, into XML so that the client could directly upload the content to their content management system. 

The collaboration and implementation of the project led to utmost satisfaction on the part of our client.