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Proofreading & Editing

An extra round of checks by our team of proofreaders and editors is not only a sensible step, but also a vital one when it comes to translated texts that are to be published. This ensures that that the target-language version is as accurate in content and as stylistically polished as possible. Our proofreaders ensure that none of the fine points of the document have been overlooked. Using translation memory systems and databases, they run checks to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of the specified terminology.


At this stage of the process, our proofreaders focus on the form and style of the target language and immediately correct any spelling or punctuation errors. We recommend that every translation that is to be published or printed for external use undergo thorough editing and proofreading. We do, however, understand that these processes largely depend on the nature and intended purpose of the translation

Copywriting and Foreign Language Adaptation

Using your source texts as a basis, we can design advertising materials and publications and develop slogans and operating instructions, translating and adapting your text to best appeal to your target audience. We work closely with our customers on adaptation projects, providing various suggestions that we then discuss in detail with the customer. Texts intended for a wider market can also be checked in the target country to ensure that the adaptation takes into account any relevant cultural aspects.

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