Creating client-specific processes

In the age of increasing international trade, management of translation processes and projects is becoming ever more important. Translations into a growing number of different languages with ever-shorter time-to-market periods and increasingly complex document and system structures make it necessary to see translation projects not just as isolated tasks performed by individuals, but as a process – part of an integrated whole – involving specific work processes that must be completed before and after the translation.

KERN AG aims to work with you to develop flexible, customised processes, which concentrate the company’s internal knowledge. From advice on writing and formatting in a translation-oriented manner, to the preparation, revision and maintenance of client-specific terminology, and the structure and maintenance of translation memories right up to the seamless integration of client-specific processes into a comprehensive workflow, we have a vast wealth of experience available to help you.

Process specifications and creation

The first stage of our co-operation entails recording and analysing current internal processes so that a plan outlining all steps in the translation process can be created. All those involved in the internal processes should participate in this analysis, which determines the standard procedure for the creation of translations. The workflow and concrete process specifications should be documented.

The objective is to improve work processes whilst taking the existing organisational structures into consideration and thus to standardise the creation of consistent foreign-language documentation for the introduction of new products. In this respect, it isn’t only necessary to discuss the issues concerning the delivery of texts and the use of specific translators and editors. Crucial factors such as how data is transferred between translation, editing, product information, media, content management and document management systems as well as issues related to the creation of consistent source texts and a uniform layout that takes into account the different text lengths in the target languages must also be considered. In terms of content, terminology lists and translations should be co-ordinated with internal employees and foreign partners to guarantee the seamless adoption of these specifications into the integrated terminology and translation memory databases.

We can assist you in the production of the original texts and translations in parallel, as the original cannot be completed in advance due to its size. A standardised translation process also allows us to plan updates to existing instruction manuals and other technical documents and to implement them without delays due to missing interfaces or media breaks.


Editing guidelines

Working together to create editing guidelines provides an additional resource for internal and external employees. These guidelines will outline all internal stipulations and specifications to be considered by editors when the compose documents. They establish, for example, linguistic specifications such as terminology and syntax, format specifications such as typography, layout and use of graphics, and corporate identity characteristics such as logos, company-specific fonts, and designations of responsibilities.

This not only increases the uniformity of documentation, but also creates a standard public image for the company.

Having been a partner to industry for many years now, KERN AG affords extensive know-how in the area of translation management. The experiences gained through countless projects with hundreds of different clients and the tools used for these mean we can offer an individual solution for every company.

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