Technical Documentation

To help your customers understand your products better

At KERN, we know that today’s operating manuals and instructions function as much more than simple product descriptions or specifications – they are an essential marketing tool with a crucial impact on the image of the product and the company behind it. That’s why clear, simple, well-written technical documentation is the best possible advertisement for any company. 

KERN offers a full range of technical documentation services. We can prepare intelligently written, well-structured documentation on a project-by-project basis or partner with you for the long term.  

KERN employs copy editors and technical writers with technical backgrounds and the creativity needed to organize and present technical information clearly, from operating manuals and instructions to system documentation and service and maintenance instructions.

Our customers receive full service, including concept development and layout design, selection of suitable media, media-appropriate material development, and preparation of subject-specific technical documentation. KERN also provides specialized translations in all languages for global markets, along with printing services and an intelligent global distribution platform.