Foreign language services in the public sector

In order to be able to meet the needs of a multicultural population, information and forms from ministries and public authorities must be offered and administrated in a wide range of languages. For more than 40 years, KERN AG has been supporting companies and authorities from all areas of the public sector in their foreign language communication. These include the most diverse public bodies, establishments and foundations: from regional authorities on the state, national, municipality and regional level, national and state government authorities, regional, town and district offices, via personnel bodies like chambers of industry, commerce and crafts and educational institutions like universities and technical universities, right down to collective bodies like higher municipal and regional collectives and the public broadcasting corporation.


KERN AG ensures compliance with the required authorities thanks to systematic quality management, and ensures that even under the tightest time restraints all of the key features of the various areas will be considered, and the consistency of the content is guaranteed. The range of texts from this area which KERN AG translates stretches from business correspondence, press releases and business reports to legal texts, like contracts, pleadings and further documents from public services, like for example invitations of tenders.

KERN AG specializes particularly in the following themes:

In addition to a pool of highly qualified translators, who have many years of well-grounded practical experience in the various areas of public institutions, public bodies and foundations, KERN AG also has at its disposal a network of experienced academics from the legal and education policy fields, who are able to proofread subject-specific translations in their native language as necessary and check for the exactness of the content and syntactic-semantic aspects of the translation.

Certified translations

KERN AG's certified translators create certified translations for presentation to authorities and courts. The global branch network of KERN AG guarantees that documents which are intended for authorities or public institutions outside of Germany are legally certified and - if necessary - re-certified, so that they meet the legal requirements of the target country.


In the case of proceedings, telephone conversations and interviews between citizens and authorities, as well as inter-authority and international conferences with numerous government representatives, stylistic sensitivity is as necessary as linguistic and technical competence. Our conference interpreters and certified court interpreters interpret into two or more official languages at:

  • proceedings
  • Meetings in advance of court proceedings and at witness accounts
  • Police interviews
  • Questionings, hearings, judicial and extra-judicial mediation
  • Meetings, symposia and international conferences



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