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The continually increasing global demand for energy is currently based largely on fossil fuels: oil, coal and gas. However, ecologically sound energy is still gaining importance, and will certainly have a huge impact in the future. The complex international requirements regarding energy generation, as well as the necessary political, economic, financial and technical prerequisites are in many cases first fulfilled thanks to effective foreign language communication.


The client base of KERN AG includes world leaders from all fields of the energy sector, for example extraction and processing of raw materials, energy generation, plant construction, plant safety, energy sales and regulating authorities and institutions. For 40 years, KERN AG has been meeting the growing challenges of an ever-stronger international and European integration of the energy industry, and has tailored its processes in coordination with the stages of the respective customer, and implemented these processes efficiently.

Specialized translations

KERN AG offers extensive experience of translating specialized texts from the energy industry, irrespective of their scope or technicality. We specialize particularly in the following themes :


Primary energy sources:

  • Extraction of coal, oil and natural gas

Conventional power generation

  • Hard coal, brown coal, nuclear, gas turbine and oil fired power stations
  • Fuel cells

Modern power generation

  • Wind power and bioenergy plants
  • Hydropower and geothermal power stations
  • Photovoltaics

Human Resources

  • Personnel planning
  • Internal communications
  • Occupational safety
  • Contracts

Plant construction

  • New construction and reconstruction of plants
  • Maintenance
  • Modernization
  • Extension of operation
  • Approval procedure
  • Equipment
  • Usage and optimal utilization

Storage and transport of energy

  • Supply networks
  • Power lines
  • Transformers
  • Protection technology

Trading and selling of energy

  • Import and export
  • German and European energy policy
  • Energy supply

Environmental and energy efficiency

  • Generation of energy from waste material with cogeneration
  • CO2 reduction technology
  • Climate protection and sustainable energy
  • Household energy use
  • Reactor safety
  • Protective measures
  • Risk management

Legal, contractual and financial affairs

  • End energy consumption and use
  • Energy balance sheets, energy and economic valuation methods
  • Emissions guidelines
  • Energy purchase agreements
  • Long-distance heating contracts
  • German tariff regulations
  • Electricity
  • Laws relating to the conversion of energy
  • Atomic Energy Act

Terminology management

KERN specialist translators use relevant terminology databases, specific dictionaries and glossaries which help them to correctly convey the message of the source text to the respective target audience. In addition, KERN AG creates, manages, updates and supplements a company-specific terminology database in cooperation with you, which helps to consolidate your company's knowledge, and set you apart from your competitors, and allows you access to this, for example through an online terminology portal.

Process optimization

Considering the high quantity of documentation in the energy and power plant industries and the associated use of similar text segments and extracts, as well as a high frequency of updates, the use of a translation memory system as a translation aid is indispensable. We work closely with you and your partners in order to fine-tune the process and to standardize and automate the translation together with you, whilst saving you time and money. Various online portals for the secure and efficient transfer of data, as well as an automated web-based offer and order area are already used by our company. An Express Service allows you to keep to the tightest deadlines - completely irrespective of the scope and complexity of the text. The confidential handling of your documents, as necessary under consideration of any export restrictions and the related request for export and/or shipment authorization, is a matter of course for KERN AG.

Quality management

A professional and competent KERN project management team who specialize in the energy and power plant industries, the use of the appropriate specialist translator and proofreader, as well as the effective creation and use of customer and topic specific terminology and translation memory databases enable the creation of high quality and targeted translations. Thanks to this, it is ensured that the meaning of the source text is fully and correctly transferred into the target language, the translation is clearly worded without spelling or grammatical mistakes, and the terminology is correct and consistent. Furthermore, the content is adapted to the specific language and cultural conditions of the target market, the translation is checked for consistency with earlier or parallel translations, and the layout of the translation is modeled on that of the source text.


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