Technical Communication

To help your customers understand your products better

Nowadays user guides and manuals contain much more than a mere description of a product or its use – they are an essential marketing tool and play a vital role in promoting the image of the product and company.  That is why technical documentation with a sophisticated yet simple, but nevertheless comprehensive style is the best possible means of advertisement for your company.

KERN provides global services in the world of technical documentation.

KERN produces intelligent and well structured documentation for an entire range of technical documents, whether they are to serve one individual project or are required for repeated orders from regular partners.

KERN employs editors who not only have an extensive technical background, but also the necessary amount of creativity to write and structure specialised information for operating instructions in a clear yet appealing way.

KERN provides customers with a full service, covering concept planning and layout design, a selection of suitable presentation media, the drafting and editing of media-oriented technical documentation, specialised translation in all languages for global markets, printing and finally an intelligent international distribution system.