Telephone Interpreting

Thanks to up-to-the-minute Internet telephone technology such as Skype, as well as advanced conventional phone systems, our interpreters can now assist in telephone conversations. This allows both parties to speak in their native languages while avoiding any misunderstandings. The difficulty of telephone interpreting lies in the unpredictability of the situation and spontaneity of the speakers.

The interpreter is required to maintain his or her sensitivity and cultural awareness without the other participants being present, which can be challenging. Due to the ad-hoc nature of this type of interpreting, the interpreter is often unable to prepare beforehand. Telephone interpreting is often used for teleconferences, negotiations and business calls, when discussing sales, contracts, and trips, and for making appointments.

London Translation Office

Telephone: 0207 831 5600
Telefax: 0207 831 5606

Hong Kong Translation Office

Telephone: (852) 2850 4455
Telefax: (852) 2850 4466

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