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KERN offers foreign language dubbing of industrial and commercial films, videos, CDs and audio tapes. Regardless of the source language, our native speakers ensure that the film and audio material sound like an original production in the target language. Each translation of the original text is adapted accordingly in advance for the specific film or audio material.

Foreign Language Subtitles

Please bear in mind when using foreign language subtitles that the text reproduces the spoken language so that the content can be completely understood. Viewers should also be able to follow the film at the same time. Sensitivity and cultural awareness are vital for creating accurate subtitles for the target audience.

Foreign Language Synchronisation

Modern production methods and state-of-the-art digital recording processes allow us to achieve a sound quality that is particularly suitable for commercial films, industrial films and company videos.

Foreign Language Dubbing Artists

A casting process is used to find linguistically accurate and talented dubbing artists. Our dubbing artists are usually linguists, interpreters, professional speakers and/or actors with linguistic backgrounds in film, sound, presentation, public speaking etc., who are able to communicate in the target language like a native speaker.

London Translation Office

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E-Mail: kern.london@e-kern.com

Hong Kong Translation Office

Telephone: (852) 2850 4455
Telefax: (852) 2850 4466
E-Mail: kern.hk@e-kern.com

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